Monato Esprit in Final Beta

Reality Gap, Inc. has launched the Final Beta of their new free Massively Multiplayer Online game Monato Esprit. In this fantasy role-playing game players will take the role of winged Archons. These angelic creatures are battling to stop the nightmare invasion that is trying to take over their realm the Dreamworld.

While the premise looks quite familiar to already angelic themed MMO Aion this appears to be more focused on children and those who love chibi characters. (short deformed caricatures in Japanese manga and anime, loved by some and annoying as hell to others) In here everything looks wide-eyed and cute, similar style as Dragonica but looks far more polished and more like a classic MMO style game then some arcade hybrid. One interesting feature of that game is that only players will control the economy by having exclusive rights to item selling , control over NPCs, taxes and more. Commercial release is expected next month and in the mean time players can check it out in Final Beta version. Players can register for free access to Final Beta on the official Monato Espirit site. Those who participate in it will be able to take over their beta characters and items into the release version once it comes in July.

There can never be enough of these free MMO titles for those times when we get mad at our current paying MMO and want to play something until "the miracle patch" arrives. Of course there is always a catch with them but some are enjoyable for certain time and doing it different that the other one helps. I prefer free bloody stuff like Requiem: Bloodymare but this could be nice for cherub and chibi lovers.