Pirate Party wins a seat in EU parliament!


After a botched The Pirate Bay trial, The Pirate Party rode the mainstream Swedish and European media and won a seat in EU parliament with 7.1% of all Swedish voters. The party was founded in 2006, meaning it took only three years to get a seat in the European Union Parliament, the fastest of all present parties.

During Sunday’s elections, The Pirate Party took the votes from the Swedish ruling party, the conservative Moderates. The governing party had 26% in the last Swedish elections in 2004, dropping to just 18% in yesterdays’ election. In fact, Swedish political parties can be happy that the national elections weren’t the case [2010], since Pirate Party would be the party that could even force coalitions with them in order to win majority – they are now third largest party in Sweden, up from the fifth spot in January of this year.

The turnaround of voters was also surprisingly high – 43.1% of all eligible voters is a sharp growth from 37% in the last EU elections. What started as a support for The Pirate Bay file-sharing site is now a political force – a strong reminder how the political landscape is changing. With the The Pirate Bay case heading for mistrial and re-start, Pirate Party could capture a lot of Swedish voters and ultimately, change the political landscape of this country for good.