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Dell expands its free recycling program by seven more States

Regardless of what you might be thinking about Dell computers, the fact of the matter is that this computer giant has the largest free computer recycling program in the world. Half a decade ago, Dell teamed up with Goodwill Industries International and launched Reconnect, free drop-off program for computer recycling.

Dell Recycling SiteAs of today, the Reconnect Partnership features 451 new donation sites, bringing a total number to around 1400 drop-off points in 18+1 states [District of Columbia e.g. Washington DC counts as a separate entity].

What gives this program even more kudos is the fact that Goodwill is predominately employing individuals with disabilities, making this one of rare projects that not just gives us more green credentials, but also make good by employing people that have a hard time to find the employment at all. In today’s world filled with product-focused news and invisible marketing pitches, it is a rare thing to hear that a company is pulling all stops at their green efforts and employ people with physical disabilities as well.

If you add the fact that you can recycle the computer of any brand, not just Dell – there isn’t actually a negative side that you could put with this story. In any case, this is one of rare Bright cases and deserves nothing else but kudos to both Dell and Goodwill.

We hope that Dell will continue to expand the recycling program and ultimately cover the whole of the US, hopefully not stopping with the continental US – as Canada and Europe might be good targets as well.