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French police and military intelligence shut down a torrent site. Or not…


In cooperation with the military intelligence, French police shot down Snowtigers – the biggest French Bit-Torrent tracker that counted about 250.000 users. From the reports, police arrested 10 "staff" members and confiscated more than 20 servers.

All this wouldn’t be possible if the French Army hasn’t participated and located the operators. While French justice is maybe satisfied for arresting the tracker owners and confiscating most of the servers, but all of this was in vain.

Why? The reason is quite simple – the French maybe made a nice PR stunt for the official TF1 channel, but the Snowtigers tracker isn’t off-line. The French part was just a part of a bigger international network, with other servers are still active in Netherlands and Canada.

Conclusion: you can call in the military intelligence and make a show in front of TV cameras, but if you do, then take the site down and keep it not accessible to Google, since the site actually saw a spike in traffic increase after the first news about the raid broke.

We pinged the and the IP directly, and we got a lot of timeouts. But when we pinged and the IP address, we got a response back, meaning the tracker is still online. This might change during the day, but when we checked [07:26 AM GMT], tracker was still online. 10 people in jail, 20 confiscated servers, still online [at least pinged] – priceless.