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TorrentTwitter Beta: First Facebook, now on Twitter


Torrents are going mainstream: after The Pirate Bay launched its Facebook Connect application, now group around TorrentTwitter are combining file sharing with micro-blogging.

Given that the largest torrent sites in the world such as Mininova, IsoHunt, The Pirate Bay and others actually are around the Top 100 sites on the Internet, it will be interesting to see how this interactive micro-blogging feature can develop. If TorrentTwitter stays online or doesn’t get sued by Twitter for using the concept or name, these guys could propel themselves into the Top 100 sites on the internet.

Even though in beta, TorrentTwitter is really an easy site to use and navigation through the site to a wanted content is easy as having a piece of cake. Using a hash sign for a group is a good old legacy of IRC [Internet Relay Chat] services, not invented by Twitter [just in case you didn’t knew  that one] and looking at TorrentTwitter reminded yours truly of the good old days of combining news groups and IRC channels.