CES calls for speakers for 2010 international technology trade show


We are six months away from the next International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), but they just announced the topics for their 2010 extravaganza. CES plans to have more than 200 conferences at the world’s largest electronics tradeshow coming up next year. The event will be in glitzy Las Vegas, Nevada, January 7-10, so mark your calendar.

The previous 2009 event covered audio, video, digital, gaming, home networking, wireless, and in-vehicle technology. Next year’s 2010 show promises more of the same excitement. Because bigger, better, new and improved is always a challenge, we are looking forward to the exhibition. The Call for Speakers – lists the topics for 2010, and here are some of the highlights. Throw your hat in the ring, or go as a spectator.

What is in store for next year? Call For Speakers on gives out few hintsThe Future of Digital Imaging is a must for camera buffs. Pick up a pair of special glasses to attend the 3DTV – Hope or Hype show. With earbuds in place, you’ll be ready to listen to the presentation on Streaming Salvation to the Music Industry. You can attend a discussion about Smartphone OS, or learn where wireless entertainment might take you. You’ll see what the new user interface is becoming, and learn about the unique batteries that will power handhelds and automobiles.

Internet TV was just coming out of the box at CES 2009, but it should be a fully functioning highlight next January. Like the blob, television has grown to envelope our homes and our lives as an all-in-one answer to our connectivity, gaming, and entertainment needs. Superphones are the mobile answer to Internet TV, promising to be the end-all, be-all for the person on the go. One related session, 4G, The Next Thing in Mobile Phones, may need to change its name come January  – to 5G due to the speed at which that industry is moving.

Hopefully, the quality of the previous CES speakers will be reflected in the choices for next year. Presenters are selected on the basis of their standing in the industry, how well they have performed in front of audiences, their professional demeanor, and how closely their discussion follows the topics outlined in the announcement.

Keynote speakers from 2009 included top of the line industry CEO’s. None other than Steve Ballmer from Microsoft started the event off, followed by Sir Howard Stringer of Sony, folks from Intel and Cisco, and – wouldn’t you love to hear him now – Alan Mulally from Ford Motor Company. He spoke of their Sync infotainment and connectivity platform, which included 911 Assist and Vehicle Health Report. Perhaps he should have been concentrating on a health report about the company itself instead. In fact, a topic on the agenda for CES 2010 is: Surviving the Great Recession.

With six months to go, maybe that session won’t be necessary. Recession or no, if technology is your life, you should plan to be in Vegas, whether you are an industry insider or just a consumer out for a good time. See the unveiling of new products, hear stimulating discussion of new ideas, and partake of a little silliness as gadgets and funky products abound on the display tables.

If you need a techie fix sooner than next year, CES holds an Asian Pacific event called SINOCES – next month in China. Smaller, more local events are also on tap throughout the year in California, New York and Arizona.