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Dragonica Open Beta launches today

Developed by Barunson Interactive, Dragonica is a free arcade style 3D side-scrolling MMORPG for PC, and is available to download and play for free with a gPotato.eu account in English, French and German.

Playing as one of four character classes, players mission is to defeat the evil Dragon Lord Elga and return peace to Dragonica’s world.

With a level cap rised to level 60, and two job changes, players will be able to experience up to twenty distinct character classes which evolve from the four base character classes.

From today European players will be able to enjoy in classic combo-based combat, ten player PvP multiplayer modes, a wide variety of Guild, Trade and Community features and participate in fifty player battlegrounds in the game’s 25v25 Guild Emporia Wars.

The gPotato Europe team will also be running a variety of in-game events to welcome and entertain players.

If you are interested to play Dragonica, simply sign up for a free gPotato.eu account at the official European website and download the game client. Players who already have the Closed Beta client on their machines will automatically receive a patch to their version.