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Sony confirms slim PlayStation 3 – launch on September 24th, 2009?

In a short conversation with Ars Technica, Mr. John Koller, the head of hardware marketing for Sony Computer Entertainment America complained that it is unfair to have all the media focusing on what’s coming next, instead of focusing on the current line-up.

"I would like to live in a world with less leaks and more meat". With this statement, John confirmed what the birds on trees know – the Slim PS3 was a leak, not a rumor. In any case, sorry Sony – but you just confirmed that slim PlayStation 3 is not a rumor, but a fact. Can we take a wild guess and disclose the date of launch… our crystal ball pens the launch event for 10:05AM Tokyo Time, September 24, 2009 at the first keynote of the day held by head of SCE.

Slim PS3 box comes from Japan, and it is a pretty good guess that the console will debut exactly in the Land of the Rising Sun. September anyone?
Slim PS3 box picture was leaked from China… and it’s a pretty good guess that the console will debut in the Land of the Rising Sun.

And that’s [almost] a given. Oh right, we almost missed the hardware specifications – according to our sources, the slim PS3 was brought to life courtesy of Toshiba and TSMC making smaller versions of the key chips inside the console.

  • Die-shrink of Sony Cell – 45nm SOI, Toshiba
  • Die-srhink of nVidia GPU – 40nm bulk, TSMC
  • 2.5" 120GB hard disk drive, 5400rpm

In case of nVidia’s GPU, things get really interesting. nVidia used Computex to pre-announce several 40nm parts arriving in Q3 2009. Two of them belong to the notebook world, one of them is constantly being rumored about slipping to 2010, and one is – 128-bit version of GeForce 7800, e.g. nV RSX.

Life is tough, especially when you pretend to be an ostrich and hide your head in the sand in order to avoid answering to the real questions in regards to PlayStation 3 hardware. Yet, he remain silent on the subject of removal of emulation support for older games in PS3 40GB and 80GB, dodged questions what to do with old software, the fact that console warranties are an utter disaster compared to the PC counterparts and so on and so forth.

See you in Tokyo.