AMD confirms existence of TWKR CPUs

After guys from Maingear Computers leaked out images [naughty, naughty] of AMD Phenom II X TWKR Edition processor, discussion arose about the legality of the images.

Some less informed sites and cynical forum members from well-respected community forums such as XtremeSystems, HWbot and many more claimed that the story is fake and that the images were Photoshoped, that no AMD CPU has “Not for Sale” markings etc etc etc. However, the truth is the following – we asked Ian McNaughton and Matt Davies from AMD to tell us what’s the beef with TWKR processors. Matt got back to us with the following statement:

“What I can confirm is that these processors exist but that we’re not providing much more right now. More information will be coming soon.”

There you have it folks, the TWKR Edition is not a cheap ploy made by system integrator allegedly wanting to get some limelight [their gear gets enough limelight anyways], but rather a sneak peak into the new product that “will be coming soon”.

To conclude this saga [for now], all that we can say is: AMD Phenom II X42 [Yes, X42 – not X4] TWKR Black Edition processor exist, and they will be coming to the limelight, one way or another. Over and out.