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Cabal Episode 3 Soul and Siena coming tomorrow


Tomorrow is the day when Games-masters plan to release the second update to their free-to play MMO Cabal Online. Episode 3 Soul and Siena is coming to us only three months after the first update that brought new hunting grounds, items and title system to the game. This episode is expected to bring us a new raiding dungeon, high-level armours and a unique bonus skill system.

A new bonus skill system will allow players to boost their power by harnessing the power of their soul. In game this will be represented by collecting a new type of experience, soul experience and using it to further develop your characters. Some of the things you can get from soul experience are better luck with Cabal gold drop rate and increases to experience and attributes.

Classes look like a crossover between The Borg from Star Trek and Korean anime, but then again, you don't pay for play
Classes look like a crossover between The Borg from Star Trek and Korean anime, but then again, you don’t pay for play

Features provided by this new system will be needed in order to give players a chance against a new menace that is rising from the Altar of Siena. New enemies located in a ruined temple inside the Mutant Forest should prove a challenge for even the most experienced and powerful players. (yeah I know, this sentence is a total cliché) Defeating them will enable access to new imba and leet brand of sets with shinier graphics and stats to make it worth it.

This update is also pimping up security with a four digit sub-password similar to one already present in Requiem: Bloodymare MMO. Unlike Requiem’s this password will not only be used to lock characters but also equipped items and storage. Might be a bit of a hassle but will ward of those pesky people who hack your account, rob you of your stuff and leave your character "naked in the woods".

Along with these features Soul and Siena will bring some tweaks to controls, balance some drops, enable faster experience for easier leveling and bug fixes. It is nice to see these little free MMO games pushing their updates so fast. Some of the big boys of MMO industry should also speed up their content updates instead of announcing them many months before their time.