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EVGA launches liquid cooling blocks for GTX295 Co-Op, X58 Classified

EVGA launched GeForce GTX 295 Co-Op Edition on Friday, as we revealed, well – on Thursday. As the weekend was drawing to a close, we received images of Hydro Copper waterblock for the GTX295 Co-Op card. This is a semi-cover waterblock, covering both GPUs and front system memory on front of the card. Memory on the back of the card remains uncooled, though.

With EVGA, you have two options – You can either that purchase the Hydro Copper block now, or wait for company to start their speed binning process and get the best GTX295 from their stock and pay a small premium.

EVGA's block for single-slot GTX295 is a high-flow design, typical of previous designs.
EVGA’s block for single-slot GTX295 is a high-flow design, typical for a member of their Hydro Copper series.

However, the GPU block still comes with an annoying flaw. All EVGA cards we had so far come with a dual-slot bracket, featuring room for two DVI ports, S-VHS output and well, whole top side dedicated to air-flow exhaust. Since Hydro Copper requires no air and fits in the single-slot, we find the whole idea of losing a slot for air cooling – on a water-cooled card – a bit ludicrous. In any case, you can see the water-block and how it fits on the GTX295 in a video featuring Jacob Freeman and Agent Tiny.

EVGA also released water block for X58 Classified motherboard.
EVGA also released a water block for the X58 Classified motherboard. Asimple design, with high performance.

Beside GTX295 Hydro Copper block, EVGA also launched a Hydro Copper water block for X58 Classified motherboard.  Both Hydro Copper blocks retail/e-tail for $129.99.

EVGA, seriously – start selling single-slot brackets or bundle them with either the block or the card. I find it pretty stupid if I have to disassemble an old GeForce 8600GT or something to get a single-slot bracket for GTX285 or 295 anyways.