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Lockheed Martin works on the NextGen GPS satellites


GPS technology is all the rage in the world of consumer electronics. Regardless if we talking about cars, cellphones, notebook computers, we’re getting press releases and pictures of numerous products supporting the navigational technology. But the Global Positioning System of today is already approaching its limits, hence the need for the development of GPS III. Just like the current GPS service, GPSIII is being developed for U.S. Army and will enter both military and commercial service at the same time.

Lockheed Martin Space Systems from Newtown [PA] is currently designing its first space craft e.g. satellite, and announced that the project entered Critical Design Review [CDR], e.g. a period of extensive design and prototype manufacturing. Working with ITT and General Dynamics, Lockheed is hoping to have the space vehicle CDR with key GPS III subsystems in place by the fall of 2010.

Drawing of GPSIII Satellite... this won't hit space in the next couple of years, but once it does...
Drawing of GPSIII Satellite… this won’t hit space in the next couple of years, but once it does…

GPS III will improve position, navigation and timing services. The service will also provide advanced anti-jam capabilities for superior security, accuracy and reliability. The next generation GPS IIIA satellites should deliver significant improvements over the actual second generation.

As we stated earlier, GPS III will launch with both civil and military service in place – new international civil signal [L1C] and M-Code Anti-Jam power for military users will cover the complete Earth. In order to provide this level of service, the GPS III will deploy world’s most advanced computing systems, made resilient for their life in Earth’s orbit.