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F1 Timing/Positioning application released in App Store

After Formula One chief Bernie Ecclestone got burned with his pay-per-view service in 2002, the Formula One sport was leashed of high-tech feedback, reducing itself to crappy 1990s-style TV coverage and that was that.

Things changed with Kangaroo TV, a service for racetrack visitors and now Soft Pauer Ltd, a small British developer is bringing similar feeling to all the iPhones and iPod touches. The application brings timing and positioning services for all the F1 fans owning an Apple product.

F1 Timing app shows of the good capabilities of Apple's iPhone, showing real time positioning of the cars on the grid.
F1 Timing app shows of the good capabilities of Soft Pauer’s programmers, utilizing iPhone and 3G network to show real time positioning of the cars on the grid.

The F1 Timing shows new dynamic maps of the tracks with various views. Cars are located using their GPS locators, showing their timing scores. The demonstration of the app was so impressive for the F1 Chief, Bernie Ecclestone that he gave an outspoken recommendation for the app – "I am very excited by this application as it will allow fans to keep in touch with what is going on whilst on the move".

The developer has access to the FOM [Formula One Management] raw feed, so that users of this app will have the very same data engineers on the pitwall see. Further developments of the application will include even more details. Unfortunately, TV feeds will remain untouchable for a while, but if things go Soft Pauer’s way, F1 fans just might get a good reason to get Apple’s iPod touch or an iPhone.

This is one cool app, but it remains to be seen whether we will have an F1 World Championship in 2010, if the breakaway series lead by Ferrari really pulls away from the FIA/FOM-sanctioned sport.