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Mozilla Foundation releases Firefox 3.5 RC – not long now

If you are disappointed at the issues with the more recent versions of Firefox [3.0.9-11], we advise you to switch to 3.5 beta program. Mozilla Foundation is in the finishing stages of the Firefox 3.5 development. The amount of issues that appeared among users from version 3.0.9 still aren’t resolved in current 3.0.11 and we ponder why Mozilla just doesn’t say – switch to 3.5 beta or don’t use our auto-update feature [yeah, right].

The Release Candidate [Mozilla Firefox 3.5rc1] is actually based on Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 software and according to our experience it actually works better than the actual Firefox 3.0.11. Reading through the release notes, we noticed several important new features such as Location Aware Browsing, Private Browsing and more importantly, newly implemented TraceMonkey, a JavaScript Engine that should stop badly written JavaScript apps taking 100% of the CPU when some of badly-written Facebook plug-ins goes into a tailspin. HTML5 Audio and Video elements are in, downloadable fonts and other CSS properties. SVG transforms will enhance the web in a very interesting way – we are currently experimenting with several features for future enhancement of the site.

Download the browser through the following link: Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Release Candidate 1 download. All in all, we can’t wait to see the final release. Guys’n’girls, don’t mess this browser up.