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NVISION set to return in 2010?

In an interview with Expreview, Jen-Hsun Huang – Co-founder, CEO and President of nVidia Corporation reacted to a question regarding the bombastically announced and promoted NVISION, visual computing conference that got muted right after its inauguration.

According to Jen-Hsun: "[nVidia] holding GPU Technology Conference this year, and probably NVISION next year, and then GPU Technology Conference the year after. It’s very essential to do things like this. Actually, I think 2009 should be the year of GPU Computing."

The truth of the matter is that the only difference between the two is presence [or the lack of] of gamers: GPU Technology Conference is nothing less than NVISION minus LAN Party minus Gaming part minus 3D cinema.

Jen-Hsun also noted that the company isn’t backing away from CUDA, which was weirdly absent, from the initial GPU Technology Conference announcement: "We introduced the concept of CUDA about four years ago, and now there’re thousands of developers using CUDA. GPU Computing is everywhere. The conferences enable software developers all around the world, scientists, and doctors to gather together, to communicate, discuss and learn."

Long story short: NVISION 08, GTC 2009, NVISION 10, GTC 2011, NVISION 12 and so on. Unless nVidia gets another change of heart, like they did after the first NVISION.