Sam & Max make their Xbox Live debut

Steve Purcell’s dynamic duo of Humphrey Bogart inspired dog detective Sam and his berserking rabbit sidekick Max are making their debut on Xbox LIVE Arcade. The adventures of these butt-kicking and name taking anthropomorphic cops who prefer vigilante justice to the boring by the book approach are no longer limited to PC and Wii.

Telltale Games have published Sam & Max Save the World, a game package created for Xbox that contains the full first season of highly acclaimed Sam & Max episodic games. First season of Sam & Max games consists of six unique episodes.

Sam & Max Episode 101: Culture shock deals with situation when the former child stars of Soda Poppers TV show start wreaking havoc all over the neighborhood and it is up to our heroes to learn why.

Yes, sometimes the episodes are a bit psychedelic...
Yes, sometimes the episodes are a bit psychedelic…

Sam & Max Episode 102: Situation: Comedy places Sam & Max into a hostage scenario down in WARP TV Studio when a famous talk show host Myra Stump goes berserk.

Sam & Max Episode 103: the MOLE THE MOB and the MEATBALL takes Sam & Max in an infiltration mission to locate the missing mole who was looking into an underground operation at the Ted E. Bear Mafia-Free Playland and Casino. To find him they must become part of the Toy Mafia.

Sam & Max Episode 104: Abe Lincoln Must Die! sends Sam & Max into Washington to "take care" of a president who completely lost it. Stuff like federally mandatory group hugs and pudding embargo do not sit well with them yet the real danger lies with an insidious and hidden power.

Sam & Max pass the TRON 2.0 firewall to switch from PC to the Xbox realm...
Sam & Max pass the TRON 2.0 firewall to switch from PC to the Xbox realm…

Sam & Max Episode 105: Reality 2.0 is yet another hostage situation but this time situated in a virtual world. A viral video game is holding players’ hostage and Sam & Max must recue them before the new internet crisis goes worldwide.

Sam & Max Episode 106: Bright Side of the Moon take the adventures of Sam & Max to Moon where they must save the planet from mind control enslavement caused by a once local scheme that now took on global proportions.

This package is available for 1600 Microsoft Points and that is a pretty decent deal considering it is less than 300 points per episode. In Xbox LIVE Marketplace you can also find a picture pack and a premium theme featuring characters and locations from the series. With this deal Sam & Max have entered the Xbox console gaming with guns and teeth blazing.