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iPhone 3G S – Three Days after Launch


It is time for an iPhone 3G S update; after all it is the Monday after the big release. Here is how it all stands

For sheer numbers Apple managed to push over one million of these out the door. The 3G S remains un-jailbroken and cannot be unlocked just yet [although 2G and 3G phones can be jailbroken and the 2G can be unlocked with redsn0w].

From personal experience I can tell you that on Saturday at 12:00pm AT&T in Central Florida was claiming to be out of stock and “pre-ordering” the iPhone 3G S. [I thought pre-ordering was done before something was launched…] At one store in Oviedo, FL, when I balked at the 7-14 day wait they told me was typical, I was rudely told “Good Luck” when I said I would try to find one somewhere else.

A quick call to the Apple Store at the Altamonte Mall fixed all that though. They, according to the phone call, had plenty and what was even better… no line. Unfortunately when I arrived there was a line and they were escorting everyone into the store (even for regular purchases) this slowed things down incredibly and force me to wait just over an hour for the ten minute transaction to get the new Toy.

I will say Kudos to the team at the Altamonte Store as they were polite and very helpful, but I think that they could have handled the lines a little better.

In the end after having the 3G S for 2 days I am not sure the upgrade was worth it. It is faster (visibly so) and the disply seems crisper, but I am still left wanting much much more. MMS is not available due to AT&T dragging their feet and tethering is the same. So I get a very cool compass (that is really useless) Cut, Copy and Paste, a landscape keyboard and voice control. With the exception of real voice control and the magnetic compass I had these "new" features with my old Jailbroke iPhone 3G and OS 2.2.1. I find myself eagerly waiting for the 3G S jailbreak to get back themes and other functions that Apple still feels iPhone users do not need.


We will be taking a look at the 3G S and how it really stands up to a jailbroken 3G in the coming weeks.