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Seagate Launches new Additions to BlackArmor Lineup

Seagate is pushing out an addition to its high-quality BlackArmor NAS lineup. The new products will add to the line and complement the existing models.

We will see new products such as the BlackArmor NAS 220 Server; the BA NAS 220 has support for up to 4TB of storage (2 internal SATAII Bays).  But the NAS 220 is not just about capacity, you can connected up to 20 systems to the NAS provide data protection and backup (the BA NAS 220 ships with Five Licenses).  The NAS 220 features Microsoft Windows Active Directory hardware encryption for volumes and a host of other features. The NAS 220 should come in at $449.99 for the 2TB model and $699.99 for the 4TB model availability for the BlackArmor NAS 220 is set for July.

The WS 110 is a DAS [Direct Attached Storage] device that supports both e-SATA and USB 2.0 it is a great workstation back up device and also supports hardware encryption of files and folders. The WS 110 is aimed at desktop users that want to have backup and bare-metal recovery options complete with encryption.  The WS 110 will come in 1Tb and 2TB flavors with pricing at $159.99 for the 1TB and $309.99 for the 2TB, the WS 110 is available as of this writing.

The BlackArmor PS 110 is for mobile users that are looking to take their data backup on the road. It connects Via a USB 2.0 connection for Data and an additional USB 1.1 plug for extra power. The PS 110 is similar in appearance to the FreeAgent | Go but is aimed at the professional user more than the consumer. The PS 100 will come with a 500GB capacity and a price tag of $159.99. The PS 110 is also available as of this writing.

All of the BlackArmor products are shipped with Seagate’s Backup ad Safety Drill + software. They all feature 256-Bit AES Encryption [Government Grade] for security. There is not listing of 64-Bit support for any software so I would be careful using this with any 64-bit systems. In the past Seagate has left this side of professional computing out in the cold but they might have added in unofficial support. We have a WS 110 in house for testing and will let you know if there are any problems with it. For those not using 64-Bit operating systems the Seagate family of NAS and DAS products are very high-quality and should cover just about all of your needs. However, we’ll evaluate those claims when these devices come over for testing. Our own testing of the NAS440 is drawing to a close, expect a review any day.