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Boston puts 4 ATI GPGPU cards in a server


When we write about GPGPU workstations and servers, we always hear about nVidia-powered products. At ISC 2009, Boston Limited finally changed the game with a launch of their quad-AMD GPGPU monster.

Based on Super Micro’s SuperServer SS6016XT server, Boston Venom F1000-4 packs four AMD FireStream 9250 GPGPU cards. Each of the cards has 1 TFLOPS of single-precision and 250 GFLOPS of double-precision computing power, e.g. F1000-4 packs 1TFLOPS of dual-precision power (4TFLOPS SP).

The important part is that this server fits the 1U format, e.g. a standard 21U and 42U racks could see anywhere between 84 and 168 FireStream accelerating cards, making a very solid platform for supercomputer performance – 42U rack brings 168 TFLOPS of single-precision and 42 TFLOPS of dual-precision performance. After four GPGPUs are installed, there is one remaining expansion slot – you can use it for putting the 10Gb Ethernet card or an Infiniband controller. System management is already covered with on-board IPMI 2.0 interface [supports KVM over LAN].

You might be interested in power supply, currently the most efficient one in the industry. Super Micro’s engineering team developed a 93% efficient 1.4 kW power supply. All in all, pretty good to see AMD entering denser configurations supporting multi-GPU configurations for GPU Computing.