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PGI to deliver CUDA GPU-accelerated Fortran compiler

The Portland Group [PGI] and nVidia made a joint-announcement of the developing new Fortran language compiler running on CUDA GPUs.

On the first day of annual International Conference on Supercomputing in Hamburg, Germany, PGI and nVidia announced that PGI will release the "Fortran language specification for CUDA GPUs". With availability in November of this year [in time for you know what], this announcement represents the highest level of support for GPU-accelerated Fortran.

While we were surprised that nVidia remained silent on the whole CUDA development for own GPU Technology Conference happening at the end of September, nVidia is looking to expand the CUDA architecture from the world of SIMD to MIMD and attack CPUs in HPC space [High Performance Computing].

Long story short, arguably the best Fortran compiler out there will now have native support for nVidia GPUs, leaving CUDA for years to come. The compiler enables developers to send the general-purpose computational kernels to GPUs rather than on the x64 processors. We’re happy to see GPGPU/GPU Computing trend spreading its wings.