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First pre-sales of Windows 7 hit today


We’ve got a bit of a windows 7 sneak peek for you guys. Today at (or around) 9PM PST Newegg will be accepting pre-orders for Windows 7. The funny thing about this was at the initial time that the page was posted there was much more information posted on the Eggxpert web forum for

Unfortunately, it looks like they got nipped by the NDA bug and are now withholding information. Thankfully, this writer was able to take a look at the page – unfortunately we don’t have any screenshots.

Basically Newegg will be putting out a pre-order for UPGRADE versions of Windows 7. These versions will be Professional and Home Premium. Each of these will be sold at "50% off". Translated into regular English, you will be able to get the Professional Edition for $99 and the Home Premium edition for $49. Each of these sounds quite good considering all of the headaches that some people have had with Vista and this is a good way to remedy those headaches. Granted, you will have to wait until October to get rid of that headache. In addition to that, we can also see that free coupons for windows 7 will be given to anyone purchasing a copy of Vista on or after Friday, June 26th.

Here is the text from the page after they took the editing pen to it…

We’re giving EggXperts an early heads up — Newegg will be accepting pre-orders for an as-yet-unannounced product of great public interest starting Thursday evening! The best part is that these pre-orders will be very attractively priced.
The word we have as of now is that two different products will be available in limited quantities. The item pages should go live at (or around) 9:00 PM PT on Thursday, June 25th!

Mystery Product #1
This item will have Free Shipping!

Mystery Product #2
This item will also have Free Shipping!
As a completely unrelated and off-topic side note, we would like to mention that the release date for Windows 7 is October 22, 2009.
As with all early warnings, please bear in mind that there’s a possibility that this information may change.
Starting Friday, June 26th, copies of Windows Vista sold on Newegg will include a coupon for a free upgrade to Windows 7, once it is released!
Happy Weekend EggXperts!
Best Regards,
The EggXpert Team


UPDATE: The posting on the newegg forum as of now has been REMOVED. So this is one of the only remnants you’ll have of that posting anymore…