MetroPCS offers unlimited international calls – but watch out!

MetroPCS, mobile wireless provider of unlimited, flat-rate, no signed contract is offering a $5 unlimited international calling add-on to their unlimited national calling plan of $40, $45 or $50 per month. The $5 Unlimited International Calling package gives unlimited calling to 1,000 destinations in 100 countries and direct dialing from your MetroPCS phone (no 800 numbers or pin numbers). That amounts to an average of ten cities per country.  
In April, MetroPCS added unlimited calling to selected locations in Mexico for an extra $3 per month. The carrier also recently added a family conference feature that gives family members one number that rings all of their cell phones at once, placing them into a conference call.  
MetroPCS owns or has access to licenses covering a population of approximately 143 million people in the 14 largest metropolitan areas in the United States, including New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Detroit, Boston, Miami, Tampa, and Sacramento. MetroPCS claims they have coverage in 4,600 cities and towns throughout the continental United States and Puerto Rico and approximately 6.1 million subscribers.  
This raises the major problem with MetroPCS: coverage. We live and spend most of our work time between Reno, Sacramento, San Francisco Bay Area, and Los Angeles. In these areas, MetroPCS often has lousy coverage. You can drive literally thirty miles from the center of their coverage map bubbles and have zero functionality. We often complain about T-mobile and Sprint coverage in rural areas. However, they are very good when compared to MetroPCS’ spotty coverage, especially when compared to Verizon Wireless which is the largest telecommunications network in the US. According to many surveys Verizon Wireless is the most reliable network in the US and they also have the the largest coverage.  
Standard & Poor’s said on Monday that wireless communications company MetroPCS Communications Inc will replace Tyco Electronics Ltd in its S&P 500 stock index. S&P explained that Tyco Electronics is leaving the index after the close of trading on June 25 because it is reincorporating in Switzerland, making it ineligible for inclusion. MetroPCS will join the index after the close of trading on June 29, per S&P.

If you decide to take advantage of the MetroPCS $5 offering for international calls, make sure it will work at your home and office, because their coverage is often so spotty that a few blocks distance or just across the street can decide whether you have coverage or not.

The MetroPCS website was offline as of 12:30pm PDT which was confirmed by using Down For Everyone or Just Me It’s not just you!.