Can a computer be a piece of art? Yes it can!

Every once a while, we receive a link to some site where the magic of art took place and created something breath taking. Regardless of whether we talking about one-offs such as the Chiaroscuro, Gramaphone-ITX-HD, Project Mars City, the absolutely brilliant Wall-E or production grade masterpieces such as the murderbox, there is something special in seeing these parts; they look like they have a soul.

The last piece of brilliant collection comes in a form of Edelweiss, a concept coming from Million Dollar PC, a site dedicated to showing the most beautiful computers in the world. The sculptor, Pius "Lessdegrees" Giger of Switzerland displayed fantastic craftsmanship in building a computer using clean lines. This is a detailed makeover of a concept from 2006, but it is impressive none the less.

A small sample of what Edelweiss PC concept offers...

Since this is a re-do of a system from 2006, don’t expect all the latest and greatest components inside this work of art. The system itself is based upon Core 2 processor, Abit’s Fatal1ty nForce-based motherboard, two GeForce 8800 cards, Samsung DVD writer and Enermax power supply. Our picture selection above just shows a little part of details that were built with watchmaker-precision.

No other comments but we recommend you go and visit the Edelweiss page on the Million Dollar PC site concept and enjoy in this marvelous display of craftsmanship. Light Friday read indeed.