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Serious Sam HD coming to Xbox Arcade, PC


After living in silence whilst working on their next-gen project, the guys from CroTeam decided to re-release the original Serious Sam using a next-gen HD engine. Two years ago, we heard that CroTeam is preparing something big, but that the big project won’t be ready before 2009/2010 frame. We thought, ok, DirectX 11 and Windows 7 present a unique market opportunity to offer a truly new experience.

On the other hand, revenue is what makes the game developer tick and the result of this equation was very simple: re-live the frenzy of the original Serious Sam experience using the next-gen engine, simply called Serious Engine 3.

By re-using all the art and textures with the brand new engine, CroTeam got the time to improve the speed of the engine, and gain experience on the console optimization side. The result is the following: known furious experience in a brand new packaging. Serious Sam HD is planned for a July release on Xbox Arcade for Xbox 360 game console, while the PC will see the release a month or two later.