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Mozilla compares Internet Explorer to Borat

Firefox 3.5 represents a major upgrade to the "browser of choice" for numerous enthusiasts and casual users. The new version brings the Gecko rendering engine to version 1.9.1, supporting HTML5, JSON, Location Aware Browsing, speculative parsing [increasing rendering speed], and a completely new JavaScript engine – all in all, a worthy download.

Lovers of cloud computing and web applications will get their kicks with the support for HTML5 Offline Data Storage for Applications, advanced caching method for cloud computing apps such as Zoho and others. Given the growth in market share, it is no wonder that Mozilla Foundation is becoming cockier – with the release of this version, Mozilla Foundation decided to attack the market leader and its recent campaigns ranging from feeding the hungry people in America to earning 10,000 Australian Dollars if you download IE8.

Now, how does that disclaimer from Hollywood movies goes: Any similarities with real persons [and browsers] is completely unintended
Now, how does that disclaimer from Hollywood movies go: Any similarities with real persons [and browsers] are unintended? ðŸ˜‰

As you can see in the picture above, no further comment is necessary.

What we learned to love with Firefox is the absolutely seamless installation between different versions. For instance, downloading and installing Firefox 3.5 while you had 20+ tabs open is a breeze – you just save all the tabs while shutting down the old version and the new one opens them like nothing happened. You can either download Firefox 3.5 from the official site or from our friends at NGOHQ.Com. If by any reason becomes overloaded, NGOHQ should be a viable alternative of getting the browser without going through annoying ads.