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The iPhone 3G S has been jailbroken!


iPhone 3G S owners rejoice! The 3G S has been freed of the tethers that Apple imposes on it as the jalbreakers [GeoHot] have finally broken the iPhone 3G S.

This makes the third device to fall and get pwned by this talented team of people.

The new jailbreak is called purplera1n and can be found at after you grab this wonderful piece of software you will need to connect your phone to iTunes and run the app.

But, before you get too excited there are some precautions. Make sure you are not running any version of 3.1. You will also need to use Windows [XP or Vista] there is not a version for 7 or OSX and I do not know if there is a 64-bit version [or if one is needed].

After Purplera1n does its thing you need to run an application called Freeze, then reboot your phone.

After you do that you will have Cydia. Be careful though, the word on the ModMyi forum is that Winterboard does not work and results in booting to safemode. I imagine that we will see a ton of updated third party apps soon.
For me I am just happy that I have an iPhone that is really mine and not Apple?s opinion on what network and applications I should have.

Happy Jailbreaking!!!!

Those wanting to thank the people resonsible can head over to twitter and thank @geohot, @chronicdevteam, @p0sixninja