Best Buy goes green, sells electric bikes and scooters

Best Buy, a large electronics retailer, has put electric bikes and scooters on its web site and into some of its stores. The environmentally friendly modes of transportation will be added to the computers, cell phones, TV?s, music, movies, toys, and home appliances the retailer already sells.
The bikes and scooters are built by Currie Technologies which has US and International Patents on their unique Electro-Drive propulsion systems. They build electric bikes and scooters for emission free alternatives to commuting, sports, and recreation.

Best Buy is selling their mountain bikes, town bikes, and scooters. How well they will be accepted by biking enthusiasts is unknown. Half the fun of mountain biking is the muscle tension, pumping up the hills, the exhileration of physical exertion. Currie Technologies lowered the bar, so to speak, on men?s trail bikes by incorporating a 450W DC earth motor into the design to take you 15 mph without strain. Their Men?s E-Zip Trailz will carry you 15 – 22 miles per charge on its alloy rims. Stopping at the edge of a precipice is assured by the alloy linear pull with alloy brake inhibit lever. The bike weighs 82 lbs and costs a reasonable $499. They also offer a women?s model.

The women might find hopping on the I-Zip Urban Cruiser to shop and run errands more economical than driving a gasoline powered car around town. The bike also can get up to 15mph, and carry you 15 miles on a charge of its 24V lithium-ion battery pac. Tektro IO disc front brakes help you glide to a stop at your destination, and finding a parking space beats parking a car. At 64 lbs, this model weighs in at a hefty $1,899.

However, if buying a new bike isn?t in your budget, you can add an electric kit to what you have, also available from Currie Technologies.

Best Buy is also selling Currie?s electric scooters. These aren?t the mobility type of scooters used as an electric wheelchair. They are more reminiscent of a childhood toy, with an electric extension to the old fashioned design where you stood on a platform with one foot and pushed with the other, like a skateboard with a handle. The new scooters attempt to maintain their low environmental impact, while adding an electric motor, a removable seat, and a folding handle.

You can choose from two models, each heavier than either bike. One scooter has a 500W DC electric magnet motor, the other, at the top of the line, has a 1000W alloy finned high-torque DC neodymium magnet motor at $599.

Best Buy lives up to its "green" title. It removes and recycles old appliances and TVs when it sells and delivers a new one to you. The retail locations have in-store drop off of old electronic devices for recycling. You can calculate a ?trade in? on-line for ?gently used? electronics, such as desktop and laptop computers, and ship them to the Best Buy Trade In Center with its prepaid shipping label and receive a gift card for purchases at Best Buy in return.