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GlobalFoundries USA foundry starts construction on 24/07/09!

After completing the senior management, all is set for official groundbreaking on the 4.2 billion dollar silicon chip manufacturing facility. Out of those 4.2 billion, 800 million will be spend on building the factory, which is a staggering figure.

In order to build Fab 2, GF will employ 1600 workers plus additional 2700 in support for the building, which is expected to complete in two years time. In summer of 2011, Fab 2 should open its doors to customers and start ramping up test silicon using 22nm process. After complete project is over and done with, Fab 2 will be the home of 1400 top skilled engineers working in manufacturing, and around 5000 additional jobs in supporting infrastructure.
What's more expensive than world's tallest building? GlobalFoundries' Fab 2
What’s more expensive than world’s tallest building? GlobalFoundries’ Fab 2

In comparison, we checked the prices of buildings in Dubai, Shanghai and so on. Frankly, nothing comes remotely close to $800 million, yet alone 4.2 billion USD – in short, in order to build semiconductors, you have to use the worlds’ most advanced and complex building process.

We often take this for granted, but what facilities Intel, GlobalFoundries and TSMC are using to manufacture world’s most advanced chips is well, mind boggling. It will be interesting in hearing what GlobalFoundries has in store for the groundbreaking in Albany, NY.

NY State may have given over a billion USD in subsidies and tax relief, but according to GlobalFoundries, Fab 2 expected lifetime is 20+ years, and future expansion with Modules 2 and Module 3 could grow the site to around 3200 jobs, you cannot argue that NY State got a pretty good deal. Payroll budget for Fab 2 Module 1 estimate runs at $88M/year with estimated total [including supporting infrastructure] of $290M a year.