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Funcom to reveal Age of Conan expansion in August


The initial GamesCom show in Cologne, Germany is looking tobe a success already. The line-up of titles is pretty impressive, and the splitbetween Games Convention in Leipzig [a place that I will never visit again] and GamesComin Cologne/Koln could not come at a better time. West Germany was always morefun anyways.

Getting back on the subject, Funcom sent out mediainvitations citing that the developers such as Craig Morrison "will present the story, environments,monsters, quests, rewards, and of course the new features that will be includedin the expansion."

While Age of Conan debuted and got slaughtered by bad reviews and players leaving in droves, sulking with disappointment of this allegeldy M-rated game, Funcom did a lot of changes over the past 12 months, adding a lot of game contet [supposed to be there in the first place], and moving away from self-censoring developers such as the sacked game producer Gaute Godager. New AoC director Craig Morrison was a known figure from the Anarchy Online, followed by a stint at british The Telegraph and IGN – was brought back to the company and did a lot of "maturing" of allegedly mature product. Today, Conan does not look all that bad and we’ll see can this add-on re-spark the interest in the title.

The first expansion of AoC doesn’t have a name yet, but youcan expect that the suffix "Hyborian Adventures" will be replaced anothername. You can expect first news about the expansion and screenshots aroundAugust 19, 2009.