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Intel 32nm Core i3/i5 [finally!] kills the analog VGA port


Whenever we talked about integrated graphics, there was one obligatory requirement: analog VGA or D-SUB port. Vast majority of business projectors still rely on analog VGA, and GPU makers had no choice.

But, things are going to [finally] change in 2010. With the release of a processors codenamed Clarksdale [desktop] and Arrandale [notebook], Intel is merging a 32nm dual-core die with a 45nm one [containing PCI Express Gen2 x16 connection and integrated graphics part].

Output will be done through upcoming Socket LGA-1156, but the most important part is the fact that it will support DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort, but won’t support D-SUB. We definitely welcome this move, as it was about time to get rid of analog connectors.

Perhaps now display makers can stop making ludicrous display combinations such as LCD monitor with analog connection only.