Logitech launches speakers with an alleged 360 degree sound

Logitech, one of world’s largest makers of computer perihperal, launched three affordable models with a clear target: to capture as muchstudents as possible. The marketing pitch is enhanced by using a Mac Book for a2.0 speaker set.

The four models are Z320, Z323, Z520 and Z523. Unlike theregular mixing and matching in the past, this time around Logitech manufacturedfour different satellites, albeit all are the same size. All of the speakerscome with omni-directional acoustics [e.g. 360 degrees], but until we see thespeakers for ourselves – we would not rely on fancy claims from the pressrelease.

Logitech Z523
Logitech Z523 – is it just us, or the naming conventions don’t make much sense? 5xx series used to mark the 5.1 speaker sets, but now they mark a 2.1 set.

Z320 and Z520 are conventional stereo speakers withoutsubwoofer, while Z323 and Z523 are 2.1 systems equipped with two down-firing subwoofersof varying power. Z320 packs 10 Watts, Z520 covers you with 26W, both in RMSvalues. On the other hand, subwoofer-equipped Z323 comes with a 30W RMS, whileZ523 comes with 10W more [40W].

Estimated retail price for the speakers are ranging from $60to $120, but that varies from region to region. Availability is planned forAugust in the US and September in Europe, e.g. just in time for Back-To-Schoolperiods on key markets.