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Facebook reaches 250M users, rising by 50M a quarter

Mark Zuckerberg had a reason to celebrate this morning. Mark woke up early, and got the e-mail from the team that the number is almost up. A little before 9AM Pacific, Facebook got their quarter of a billion.

Even though this number isn’t exactly true and Facebook would need to grow by a few million unique human beings more, Facebook reached 250 million user accounts – a major milestone for a social network that was pronounced "dead" by Rupert Murdoch, whose company owns its largest rival, MySpace.

Mark posted a blog at 9:08AM Pacific that Facebook reached that milestone and was glad to see his dream, challenged by ConnectU founders – came true in such a big way. Regardless of mainstream media reporting that Facebook is in trouble from competing services such as Twitter, Facebook is growing in a yet unprecedented way, getting 50 million users every quarter is nothing short of breathtaking. On his blog, Mark stated the following:

"As we celebrate our 250 millionth user, we are also continuing to develop Facebook to serve as many people in the world in the most effective way possible. This means reaching out to everyone across the world and making products that serve all of you, wherever you are?whether through
 Facebook Connect, new mobile products and the other things that we are building. We’re grateful to have all of you with us, and we look forward to helping connect the next quarter billion people on Facebook."

Bear in mind that on January 7, 2009 – Facebook reached 150 million users, growing by a 100 million by this date. If this rate continues, Facebook will pass the 350 million mark by end of 2009 and in reality, there aren’t exactly limits to who will join Facebook or not? usually, every user will bring at least another user, and connect to people that are already there.