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EVGA finally launches InterView, a dual-display monitor


A Couple of years ago, EVGA brought an interesting prototype to its traditional suite at the Wynn Hotel. The prototype packed two rotating 17" LCD displays on a base featuring DisplayLink’s DL-165 chip.

The goal was to expand EVGA into the monitor market as well, and find a nice niche where they can grow from. This dual monitor setup also packed an active USB 2.0 hub with three ports, 1.3MPixel camera and a bi-directional microphone for high-quality communication.

Yesterday, we received news that the display is finally ready, and the brand name for the product is InterView Dual Monitor System or just InterView. The ability to rotate and move displays is simply great, and we can see that there is quite the potential for business use. Once we receive the unit, we will compare the display to several single-display setups [19", 22", 24" etc.], to see the difference in productivity.

The only problem that we can see here is that the specs haven’t changed since we first saw the product. First of all, seeing a dual 17" LCD display with a resolution of 1440×900 is debatable in the world where 17" screens come with 1680×1050 and 1920×1200 resolutions. Unfortunately, EVGA is using run off the mill TN matrices, hence the following problem – while going through the manual for the product, we also saw that the visible angle for the InterView displays is only 20-35 degrees horizontal and 45 degrees vertical. In a world where LCD displays come with a 170 degree viewing angles [yes, we know most of them are 170 degree on paper only], it is weird seing sub-100 degree angles. We don’t exactly understand where these figures are derived from, since the prototype unit from tradeshows during 2007 and 2008 had higher viewing angles – at least according to what we saw with our own eyes.

In order to connect the display, bear in mind that you have to use DMS-DVI-I converter. Since Dual-Link DVI can only display 1200×800 per Link, you have to connect two DVI’s into a DMS [everything is in the box], and from there onwards, you have a neat picture on both screens.

Still, knowing EVGA, this is just the first product, probably followed by a higher-resolution ones, packing a brand new DisplayLink DL-195 controller chip [DL-165 doesn’t support 1920×1200 and higher resolutions]. Looking from the business side of things, there is a pretty good reason why competitors should worry: this graphics card maker expanded from a high-end graphics field into motherboards, bought EPoX engineering team, offers unbeatable warranty of motherboards, launched DisplayLink products alongside HP and Toshiba, and is now expanding into business segment with PC-over-IP box and now, InterView. Quite an interesting development in the world where most of graphics card manufacturers [unfortunately] shrunk down to survival-rate margins.

If EVGA continues at this rate, we would not be surprised to hear the company passed the $500M of annual revenue? for a company that was some $50M/year size just three-four years ago.