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Futuremark celebrates 40th anniversary of Man on the Moon


40 years ago, on today’s date, July 20, 1969 – Apollo 11 landed on the Moon. In order to celebrate the occasion, Futuremark Gaming Studios released two new screenshots from their zero-gravity shooter, Shattered Horizon.

Who says we haven't been on the Moon? We drilled the living daylights out of it
Who says we haven’t been on the Moon? We drilled the living daylights out of it

Shattered Horizon revolves around the mining explosion on the Moon which literally tears our only natural satellite apart. As a result, parts of the Moon start falling down in our atmosphere and causing chaos. Not exactly encouraging since we humans are looking for a way to go back to the Moon, but the human imagination shows no boundaries [in any case].

Not exactly a pretty sight...
Not exactly a pretty sight…

We played the alpha version of the game at last years’ NVISION 08 conference, and all that we can say for now is that the game is really something, offering new levels of gameplay. We got immersed into the setting with no issues whatsoever, and the feeling puts us in the ballpark of playing a lovechild between Descent and Unreal Tournament 😉