Kingston gives away 10 Blizzcon tickets, others give away two fully paid trips

As we draw closer to Blizzcon, we are beginning to see that a few computer hardware manufacturers are giving away free tickets to Blizzcon. For those that do not know, Blizzcon is basically a giant videogames convention specifically centered on games made by Blizzard, most notably the Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft series of games. This event is always hosted in or around Anaheim, CA which is near the headquarters of Blizzard Entertainment.

Currently, the second and final batch of tickets sold out on May 30th and there are no more tickets that you can buy. But as far as we know Kingston has been able to get 10 tickets themselves and is now giving away those tickets to people who sign up.  There really aren?t any specific terms that need to be met other than to fill out all of the parameters for the form and you should be entered to win. Mind you, that these are not traveling + hotel tickets…they are just tickets to the event and that you will still be responsible for travel and hotel stay.

If you?d like to enter, go ahead and check this out. As nobody else is giving away this many tickets?

There are also a few other contests going on for a fully paid trip by other hardware manufacturers, but they are only giving away two tickets. Those are? nVidia and steelseries.

Ultimately, this is a re-run of a hardware vendor rush from the glory days of Quakecon, but now we are seeing that the focus switched to the makers of World of Warcraft.