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[R]evolutionary GPGPU App adds plug-ins for SketchUp and Rhino


In a run-up to Siggraph 2009, StudioGPU announced thatMachStudio Pro, [r]evolutionary 100% GPGPU accelerated 3D workflow ? now supportsGoogle’s SketchUp Pro and Rhino software.

While we still are on the hold for reviewing the potentialMaya/modo/3ds max killer, the news are continuously coming out. StudioGPU cameout strong with the announcement of MachStudio Pro, and now the infrastructureis being set in place.

In order to expand the software capabilities, MachStudio Pronow supports exporters for 3ds Max [9 and above], Maya [8.5 and above],SketchUp Pro 7 and Rhino 4. In combination with already existing DDS PhotoShopplug-in [for texture creation], this application is looking more and more usefulfor visual professionals such as artists, designers, engineers and the like. You can download all the exporters on the official support pages.

The interesting bit is that even though StudioGPU signed a technical partnership with AMD, the fact of the matter is that viewers for DDS texture format and plug-ing for Adobe Photoshop actually come from nVidia, courtesy of nVidia’s CUDA Zone and their NVIDIA Plug-Ins for Adobe Photoshop utility. Thus, you need a good CUDA-capable GPU for operations in Photoshop and either a nVidia Quadro or ATI FireGL or FirePro for the MachStudio Pro itself.

We already wrote about MachStudio Pro, and the initialreaction from our sources at AMD was more than enthusiastic. Still, seeing isbelieving and we’ll wait until we receive the software ourselves to pass on thefinal judgment.

But the message to the industry is very clear: GPGPU is *much*faster than conventional 3D tools and radically reduces the total cost ofownership [TCO] and enables users to do their work either much faster or simplyin a way they could not dream before.

Since MachStudio Pro ships with an ATI FireGL V8650 graphicscard with 2GB of GDDR4 memory, we look towards the future and seeing how wouldeven more 3D horsepower influence the performance of MachStudio Pro. Now it isup to hardware companies to create highly efficient GPGPU hardware and usher usinto a new era of 3D. Finally.