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Comic-Con 09: Metalcoalypse brutally torments zombie-groupies


Metalocalypse: Dethgame is based off of the TV show from adult swim called Metalocalypse featuring the band Deathklok.

In the game, you are a Kloketeer who is fighting off Zombified fans to save the band. You are basically a groupie who does unspeakable things to these zombified fans. The band itself is brutal, much like the fans and groupies that follow them around. Violence and death are prevalent. This game is extremely violent, and lots of blood is a common sight. In some cases you pick people up by the throat and throw them into a grinder, a press, or a fire pit. In other instances you punch them and then start stomping them as they lay on the ground.

Beat'em up game with a lot of swear words... you've guessed it - Metalocalypse
Beat’em up game with a lot of swear words… you’ve guessed it – Metalocalypse

After you do that, in order to finish them you literally piss in their mouths and drown them in your own piss. Looks like someone had a golden showers fetish??? As you go through the game, you gain Dethpoints and you also rack up a kill counter to help you keep track of the people you have brutally murdered.

Yeah, you're a badass... what can we say?
Yeah, you’re a badass… what can we say?

Oh and at points in the game, it actually tells you "F*$K YOU," as if it wasn?t vulgar enough. This game will actually be available via XBL and PSN and will be a DLC title as opposed to something that you would buy in a store. This game was announced today and will be available this fall via PSN and XBL.

Also, this game is set to the music of Deathclok who will have a new CD this fall to coincide with the release of the game. All in all, if you’re into the low thrills and love to hear swearings, this game might be for you. In our case… you’ve been warned.