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Comic-Con 09:The birth of SAW

SAW the game is based off of the popular SAW movie series. Konami worked vigorously with the guys at Lionsgate who created the SAW series of movies as this game is supposed to follow after the 5th movie?s plotline…The game also has similar characters to the film with almost no deviations.

Tobin Bell did the voice over for jigsaw in the game, which is the same person that was the voice of jigsaw in the movie. The game seems to draw you in well while playing, which shows how they are trying to keep brand heritage true by pulling you into the story.

The game puts you in the shoes of the characters and really makes you feel what they?re feeling. Much of the story line is built off of the previous films, so knowing those films definitely helps you understand the characters. The game is similar to the movie in the fact that you try to play jigsaw?s game and try to make it out alive. There are many levels to the game that are similar to the movies as well as many traps in the game that are also from the movies. One of those is the head gear device that chops your head off if you don?t take it off correctly and on time.

The developers placed a special accent on tieing the game with the movie as much as poss
The developers placed a special accent on tying the game with the movie as much as possible

Currently there are no planned sequels for this game as it hasn’t even come out yet. Because there have already been 5 Saw movies, the game has a lot of plot and characterization to work with. And while many people feel like a game that comes out about a movie usually sucks, this game really doesn?t. The use of darkness and flashlights as well as the whole puzzle aspect to the game really gets you immersed to the point where you really enjoy the game. Saw the game will come out in the fall when it is finished.

Also, the developer told us that so far no DLC [Downloadable Content] of any sort planned.