Silent Hill demoed at Comic-Con 09


At Comic-Con, we saw the debut of the new Silent Hill game. This is actually a re-imagined version of the first game that came out way back on the original PlayStation, now debuting on the Nintendo Wii.

You play the role of Harry Mason, who is looking for his daughter Sheryl. However, there is a twist – there is a psych profile that you take in this game. At the beginning of the game, you have to take the a test as the game will always be watching you and changing with the way that you play the entire game.

Silent Hill features psychological profiling of the player
Silent Hill features psychological profiling of the player

Depending on how you answer the first questionnaire the game changes cosmetically and what you see and do. For example, there was a question asking you if you like to role play during sex (yes really). As a result of that a female cop in the game would be more sexy and risqué meaning her hair would be back and her blouse would be open showing cleavage…but if you said no, she would probably have her hair up and in a hat and her blouse would be closed. The game also tracks the items you look at while playing the game and modifies play based on what is being looked at.

They also completely removed popup boxes. Right when you highlight something with your flashlight the dialogue of the game compensates for the lack of the popups and uses in-game dialogue to explain what is going on. There are also multiple endings and a ton of paths and ways to the end the game. So, because of these features, no two games are ever alike.  This build is different from the one shown at E3; it has the same content but different more optimized code. The use of the Flashlight has been improved using the Wiimote and the modern abilities of shaders…but it still doesn?t affect game performance.

Don't look at Wii graphics, this is the scariest game for the platform to date
Don’t look at Wii graphics, this is the scariest game for the platform to date

Wiimote phone calls now come right through the Wiimote as there are almost no menu popups, only when using the phone to make phone calls. And when you do use the phone, it operates in game much like an iPhone. You even have a map on your phone and you can dial phone numbers and get hints throughout the game. The creatures in the game are also influenced by the psych profile as well… If you play reserved… Monsters won?t be as scary… But if you?re gung-ho it makes the creatures creepier looking and more aggressive.

This game is going back to the roots of the nightmare sequences not having lots of weapons? like a lot of the zombie survival games out there. This game takes Survival horror back to its roots. The Original composer of silent hill, Akira Yamaoke, is composing the music for the game, is a remixed version of all is on my mind… He is going to release the song soon with a female vocalist instead of Elvis who originally sang the song. Silent Hill will be coming out this October.

More license based games are coming. Silent Hill and Metalcoalypse aren?t the end, only the beginning.