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Back to School 2009: Dell openly attacks Apple

In what appears to be a move to build off of the momentum on the "I’m a PC" Ads, Dell is now comparing their Dell Studio PCs to Apple MacBook Pros. In a very bold marketing statement, Dell claim that buying a Studio PC will save you over $1000! They are also making sure that people who are buying laptops are aware that Windows 7 is also included as a free upgrade from Vista in order to not scare users away.

Very interesting e-mail coming to a future student/Dell e-mailing lists near you
Very interesting e-mail coming to a future student/Dell e-mailing list near you

Visible in the chart below, you can clearly see that Dell is trying to target the student market with their comparison chart. Most notably, the student discount section, which is clearly trying to show value. The reason that they are doing this is because many people believe that they are getting a better deal with Apple because they are getting a 200 dollar "discount."

Spec sheet neatly designed to show all the advantages of Dell computers.. now, how about that LED-backlit screen?
Spec sheet neatly designed to show all the Dell advantages… now, how about that LED-backlit screen on Macs?

Simply put, it?s just a marketing mechanism and now Dell is trying to fire back with similar marketing but trying to outdo Apple in this field. In addition to that, they are trying to show that the systems are configured with the same specs and that Apple users are not getting any more value or performance from apple than they would if they had a Dell. Truth be told, at the end of the day – the Studio PC does not come in a costly aluminum casing. Then again, Dell offers numerous customization options, with around 200 different designs – including (Product) RED [financial gathering campaign for battling AIDS in Africa], which should bode well for activists.

Remember, whatever Apple or anyone else says – Mac is a PC now. Just built with design in mind and featuring a different operating system. Can Dell compete with that?