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Activision Blizzard Rip-off: Call of Duty price spikes by $?10


Ever since the whole modern console business began, the story was the same: you pay cheaper console part and compensate later with the purchase of games that subsidize the hardware.

But back in 2003, [then only] Activision jacked up price of a PC game to a new level: in order to buy Doom 3, you had to pay between 55 and 60 dollars/Euro, or about 45 quid at the time when British pound still meant for something. Doom 3 also came with the most pathetic bundle – carboard box contained one CD case with the game DVD inside, pathetic manual and a registration card.

As you can see, prices are identical between the console and the PC versions...
As you can see for yourself, prices are identical for all three major platforms…

In a run up to the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, e.g. Call of Duty 6 – Activision Blizzard decided to set equal pricing between PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, e.g. 60 USD/EUR or 55 British pounds. This is nothing else but an unjustified a 10 USD/EUR price hike between previous titles and this one. Percentage wise, rising up a price by 20% is really an interesting move which backfired the last time around [remember that sales battle between Far Cry, Half Life 2 and Doom? Thought so.]

Now, one cannot stop wondering? if a reaction to this move results in a fall of sales and rise of piracy, who will be the one to blame: consumers for not allowing to be ripped off or a greedy publisher?