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DirectX 11 to be used by professional applications too

As we already reported, StudioGPU recently released its MachStudio Pro 3D workflow, relying on the power of GPGPU in order to enable visual artists much greater degree of freedom than with conventional CPU-bound tools – this time around, GPU is being used not just for visualization, but for rendering as well.

But the release of v1.0 was just the beginning for this exciting start-up from Los Angeles. Having spent half a decade developing this GPU-accelerated app, engineers don’t plan on stopping the adoption of latest tech anytime soon.
According to information we have at hand, on Siggraph 2009 in New Orleans, StudioGPU will demonstrate its future technology, featuring support for displacement mapping with hardware tessellation and the ability to process "more than a billion polygons in real time."

Naturally, in order to deploy tessellation in a really big way and "eat billion polygons" StudioGPU is widely expected to rely on upcoming ATI DirectX 11 hardware, known under family codename "Evergreen". Among other things, new hardware should also enable users of MachStudio Pro to "create full motion blur with velocity maps", but it doesn’t stop there. The interesting bit is that MachStudio Pro will feature configurable Anti-Aliasing algorithms such as Box, Gaussian, Mitchell and others.

With the support for multi-GPU, we expect to see a quantum shift in content creation capabilities between the Siggraph 2009 and 2010 events.