A-Data launches DDR3-2200 with 2oz. copper PCB

PC enthusiasts all around the world can now satisfy their insatiable thirst for computing power. The World?s second largest vendor of DRAM Modules [first Kingston, third Corsair], A-DATA Technology, today announced its new high-performance DRAM modules, the "XPG Plus Series DDR3-2200+ v2 Dual Channel Kit" [very short name, Ed.] – the highest speed of DDR3 DRAM modules to date to go into production.

A-Data XPG Plus Series DDR3-2200+ v2.0 modules are designed and guaranteed to run on future Dual Channel platforms [Intel P55 and Core i5, anyone?] at a staggering 2200 MHz with tight 8-8-8 timings using the "i7-voltage" limit of 1.65 Volts, and will be available in 2x1GB and 2x2GB kits.

Using the latest Thermal Conductive Technology, the XPG Plus Series DDR3-2200 v2.0 modules are built with superior cooling design, able to provide greater cooling for both DRAM IC [Integrated Circuit] and PCB [Printed Circuit Board], to improve both performance and stability. The cooling design reminds us of ThermalRight ultra-efficient memory cooling setup.

The secret sauce for this memory actually comes from GigaByte. After this motherboard maker achieved brilliant overclocking scores by putting 2oz copper layers into its motherboard, this method attracted A-DATA to pull something off in the world of RAM. Doubling the copper layer inside the PCB to 2oz. delivers low temperature and improves power efficiency for the XPG Plus Series DDR3-2200 v2.0 sticks.

A-DATA DDR3-2200 Dual Channel Kit v2.0"Demand for the higher PC performance continues to increase and A-DATA is the leader in this field with the XPG DRAM products. We created XPG Plus Series DDR3-2200+ DRAM module to lead PC enthusiasts into the next era of PC performance and satisfy their insatiable thirst for computing speed," said Action Chen, Deputy Project Manager of A-DATA XPG. "The new XPG Plus Series DDR3-2200+ DRAM module delivers the killer speed and reliability of all DRAM module currently on the market."

?GIGABYTE Ultra Durable? 3 motherboards GA-P55 series and A-DATA XPG Plus series memory featuring 2 ounces of copper PCB layers, enable a dramatically lower system temperature, improved energy efficiency and enhanced stability for overclocking? mentioned Jackson Hsu, Product Manager of GIGABYTE.


  • All DRAM IC are verified by overclocking criteria
  • High quality 2oz copper 8 layers PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
  • Optimized for 64-bit OS (operating system)*
  • Backward compatible with DDR3-1866, 1600, 1333 and 1066
  • Lifetime limited warranty


  • 2GB/4GB dual channel module kits are tested at 2200 MHz
  • Tested at latency setting 8-8-8-24 at 1.55V-1.65V
  • SPD programmed at JEDEC standard DDR3-1333 with 9-9-9-24

The only thing stopping this memory from giving our stamp of approval is actually A-DATA’s botched review policy. At the end of the day, these specs are nice, but without seeing these scores in reality, proven memory leaders in both Bright Side of Overclocking* and in Bright Side Labs are Corsair, Kingston and OCZ.