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murderbox Website gets a Makeover


In many other articles I have talked about the state of the computer industry and the lack of any real aesthetics. It is true there are bright spots in this otherwise dull landscape.

One of them is murderbox, created by Charles Harwood. These amazingly artistic creations are the exotic cars of the PC world. Like a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Pantera they are built with speed and aesthetics in mind.

In a move befitting systems of this caliber, Charles has redesigned the murderbox website. While the original site was amazing all on its own, the new sitedesign is many ways more fitting.

It is a combination of glossy black and deep maroon. The murderbox logo fades from the blackness into view on the landing page. It reminds me of the older Doom logos from idSoftware and brings thoughts of the exotic to mind.

The rest of the site follows the same trend but with the addition of Charles? own photography to draw your eyes. Gone are the pricing menus for the murderbox system. No these are not off the shelf products. Each murderbox is custom built to suit the purchaser. 

So if you have a minute head over and take a look at the new site; well maybe you should put aside more time than a minute with all the images and the sheer art of the murderbox you could be there for a while. The work of translating Charles’ designs into reality fell to Shaun Grady who was also the developer behind the original site.

As for the other information? Well we are working on that article but let?s just say that Charles said he is looking to take the murderbox "to the next level". With the level of attention to detail, art, and performance already in the murderbox the next level will be truly amazing indeed.