AVADirect starts selling the Clevo M980NU, the "fastest gaming notebook" out there


AVADirect, among other leading custom gaming manufacturers, has started selling the AVADirect Clevo M980NU which they claim to be the world?s most powerful gaming notebook.

The parts that make this notebook so unique are the fact that it now has two GeForce GTX 280M GPUs paired with the Intel Core 2 Quad as well as up to 8GB of DDR3-1333 memory. This desktop replacement gaming notebook also sports an 18.4? 1080p LCD screen which further cements the sheer size of the device.

AVADirect Clevo M980NU notebook certainly packs a punch of 3D powerWhile this laptop may be extremely fast, the claim to the fastest may be questionable based on the recent developments regarding nVidia?s gaming notebook comparisons and the lack of driver/profile support on the part of AMD and ASUS. So as it stands, NVidia is still the king of gaming notebooks and this laptop is still technically the fastest.

Although, we should note that while this is the fastest laptop out there today, it doesn?t necessarily have the fastest processor. This is because there are laptops out there such as the D900F, which was Clevo and AVADirect?s previously fastest offering features Intel’s Core i7 or even a Xeon 5500 Processor, but only one GeForce GTX 280M GPU. In addition to all that, you get a plethora of HDMI, DVI, and VGA ports for whatever else you?d like to hook up to this beast of a machine. Just remember, that this GTX 280M GPU is nothing more than a 9800GTX+ rebadged as a GTX 200 series graphics card, even though we all know there is a world of difference between the two.

We know that we keep banging that drum, but we really feel that nVidia should have never even tried to call a part that is years old something that it clearly is not. All that guys like AVADirect can do is implement the designs in best way they can and offer enough customizations to keep everyone happy. And seeing the level of customization on this Clevo only makes us wonder… how we would love to get our hands on Ferrari-red painted one [a $350 option], and some SLC SSD’s packed in there to boot.