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EyeSpy247 launches affordable on-line home protection


If you want to protect your property, regardless of being your own home or business, you had to hire an on-site security agency. Now with EyeSpy247, you can keep track of your property everywhere you go.

Since the dawn of IP cameras, different security companies started to offer on-site protection without a physical presence – and that was all nice and dandy, since you had a security officer or two overlooking hundreds of locations. As you can imagine, that system isn’t exactly bullet-proof. In order to address the issue of affordability of such services, British-based EyeSpy247 launched it s own service – this time around, thinking about the state of economy.

Users that want to protect their property can simply purchase an IP camera from the EyeSpy247 website and receive a 20 quid service credit. The only thing you need to do is connect the camera to a broadband router and access the EyeSpy247 service, which is based upon "pay as you go principle". That means you don’t have to pay monthly fees, but rather secure your property while you’re not around.

All in all, this is a neat service that launches at best possible time, if you live in Europe. Europe is known for "shut down in August" policy, when hundreds of millions Europeans leave their homes and descent on the beaches of Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, newly discovered Montenegro, Greece, Turkey and so on. This is a nightmare for the police forces that have to battle thousands of robbed houses and businesses while the owners are away.

With EyeSpy247, the service provider hopes that they are the ideal solution for the owners who can check on their property at any given moment even using mobile phones that support video streaming [in short, 3G smartphones]. Time will tell are these guys efficient enough, but to us it looks like a fairly good concept – and it will certainly decrease your property insurance premium.