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Derek Perez trades Tech for Hockey

Recently, a twitter post by Derek Perez caused a lot of industry interest. For those in the know, Derek was the Director of Public Relations for nVidia, a company where he worked for more than a decade and worked with hundreds of hacks.

Derek Perez of nVidia fame... becomes Nashville Predators frontmanOver the years, we’ve had a lot of differences and similarities in opinions, going from benchmarks affairs, beauty pageants to benefits ofGPGPU technology [yes, we know nVidia touts GPU Computing, but? GPGPU until your hardware runs Windows, ok?]. It was never boring, that’s forsure 😉

But for people that know Derek outside nVidia, we know that Derek had a passion for sports, most notably hockey. So, when a team of Nashville Predators needed a new front man to handle the media, Derek saw a chance of a lifetime.

Derek didn’t close down the doors in Santa Clara, but only time will tell how a Californian can adjust in the country capital of the world. For the record, I love Tennessee [area around Chattanooga and Pigeon Forge], so I am sure Derek will find his own tune.

In comparison, there aren’t many things I would leave BSN* and the company for, but if the Prancing Horse would come knocking?