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Greengate: HP starts selling a non-ENERGY STAR qualified 27" LCD!

Last week, Greenpeace activists broke into the HP campus and painted "Hazardous Products" on the top of Building 20. The cause for that action was HP’s backtracking on a promise to increase environmental protection by reducing hazardous materials in their products.

HP 2709m, recently launched 27" LCD monitor doesn't qualify under ENERGY STAR requirementsHowever, we didn’t exactly expect HP’s response to be anything like this. On Friday, we received word that HP launched its brand new 27" LCD monitor, right in time for Back to School 2009. But by looking at the specs on the official site, we were shocked to see that the $500 display didn’t qualify for the ENERGY STAR specification. Some states in the US are currently considering using ENERGY STAR guidelines to regulate sales of energy hungry devices. In that light, we are wondering what HP stands to get – saving couple of dimes for building parts with more strict power consumption guidelines?

Given that other recently launched monitors such as the 18.4" LCD [from the same series as the 27" one] passed the ENERGY STAR-qualification, this move by HP just seems weird to us. There are two possible reasons – either this model consumes too much power and did not pass the ENERGY STAR standards or HP rushed the product to market and will qualify the part later.

However, since Dell has been selling an ENERGY STAR-compliant 27" display since early 2007, we feel that this call by HP is the second "green" SNAFU company experienced in as many weeks. What’s next, HP?