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Intel offers distributed computing to 250 Million Facebook users


All the talk about power saving and green computing is nice, but in a way, saving power isn’t the only way you can help the growth of the planet. Here at Bright Side of News*, most of us are involved in some form of distributed computing, namely Folding@home, SETI@home, GPUgrid, Milkyway@home and many more.

We tend to get in quite a lot of arguments with tree huggers when it comes to lack of understatement that distributed computing does suck a lot of power, since your CPU or GPU will be 100% loaded.  Now, Intel has teamed up with Grid Republic and created a Facebook app that explains how to use distributed computing to do a greater good.

The "Progress through Processors" campaign is dedicated to expanding the knowledge about distributed computing to new audiences, ones that are not as tech savvy as most of readers on the site. But that doesn’t matter – what matters is to expand the reach of distributed computing to hundreds of millions of Facebook users.

Truth to be told, this is nothing else but an interface to download the BOINC [Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Networked Computing] client with pre-selected and pre-registered projects [you register and select inside the Facebook app itself].

All in all, this is a pretty simple idea from Grid Republic, supported by Intel. The only thing that nobody will tell you is that using a GPU, e.g. a graphics card is much more efficient than using a processor? hence, why not use both?