Kingston launches on SSDNow V+, performance & value SSDs


Kingston Digital, the flash memory division of Kingston Technologies, announced that the company will be making immediately available the newest addition to their lineup of SSDs – just in time for back to school period.

This newest SSD line-up carries the series name "SSDNow V+". This is two steps up from its entry line SSDNow M, which we reviewed here. This drive line-up features significantly higher input and output operations [IOPS] and faster read/write speeds in comparison with the previous V series of SSDs. As such, these will be more targeted towards enthusiasts and high performance users as opposed to the mainstream.

Kingston Digital added one numerical operation and racked up performance and price. What gives?
Kingston Digital added a numerical operation sign in the name and racked up performance and price. What gives?

SSDNow V+ comes in three different sizes of drives; 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. While SSDNow V+ drives come with quite an attractive performance, we weren’t exactly enthused by the asking price – the 64GB SSD model will set you back $254.00.
When you compare SSDNow V and SSDNow V+, we might put a question to Kingston on what was the validity of calling these parts V+, as the difference in retail price between V and V+ exceeds $100 for the 64GB part alone Somehow, we feel that the market would be a little less confused if adding a "+" on the name would not add more than $100… but after all, this is IT industry and its fabled naming conventions.

Overall, these look like promising drives and we look forward to reviewing them in the future. And for any of those who are wondering, these drives rely on MLC [Multi-Level Cell] flash memory and are running Samsung?s second generation of SSD controllers, the RBB.